We believe diverse cultural perspectives strengthen our community, which is why we are on a mission to build a more inclusive Australia.

Through skill building and social equity - we work with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to build new pathways.

Our people-first approach puts migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the frontline for opportunities. We know from 40 years of operating as a not-for-profit providing community services that people’s needs are complex which is why we offer:

  • Diverse leaders and community ambassadors to find solutions for problems, large and small
  • Hands-on training, mentoring and a flexible approach to learning enables all skill levels to find a place in our programs.
  • Childcare and community programs give people the support they need to access education.
  • Work placements and training creates opportunities to enter the workforce.

Our Model

Joint Action

We work with community leaders, organisations and councils to identify needs

Offer Support

Flexible childcare services and support groups across Victoria

Empower Individuals

Tailor opportunities and get people the training they need to enter the workforce 

Find Belonging

Our community centres and campuses offer a place to build connections or get support

Our People

A range of skills and backgrounds, our people represent the community we service

Babita Chhibber

Accounts Payable Officer

Rosemary Johnston

Trainer and Assessor

Delwin George

Trainer & Assessor

Chamodi Perera

Placement Officer

Andrew Slape

Course Advisor

Sayanti Bhatta

Northern Programs Manager

Nabeela Ahmed

Family Day Care Manager

Rose Omar